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Wecome To My Blog

Hi and welcome to my site.
As you might have guessed from my URL I am a dad and yes I am gay. I was married for 10 years and have a lovely son and daughter, but I always knew that I liked both sexes and about 5 years ago after my wife died I fell head over heels in love with a guy.

Well there it is, out in the open!

I thought it was a great way to start my blog. Other than being gay what else defines me. I love my kids, I love to travel and I love my job.

My travels have taken me all over the world from luxury Maldives resorts to camping in the African bush. I love foreign places, foreign people, new things and new experiences. I wish I could speak foreign languages but being a Brit I find this quite hard.

This year’s travels have taken me to Mexico, the Maldives, Cuba and Thailand all of which are very different but lovely in their own unique way.

I live near Oxford, actually in Buckinghamshire and work as a Search Engine Optimisation consultant. I know you are asking what the hell one of them is.

Well I am one of the people who tries to rank companies websites ahead of all of the other companies trying to rank their website on Google. I say Google mainly as Google equates for about 70% of all internet traffic, so my prime efforts for my clients are with Google.

I love my job as I get to work with a lot of different small business owners in many different sectors. The only thing they all have in common is they are all passionate about building their businesses and I know I can help them generate more customers and more leads for any kind of business.

I work with things like Facebook, YouTube, Yell, LinkedIn and hub pages. I help the business owners create a buzz about their business and thus rank higher. I believe my job is one of the greatest in the world. This is partially as I can do my job from anywhere in the world as long as I have a telephone and an internet connection. In fact I am currently writing this from the

luxury_maldivesMaldives Resorts of Coco Palm Dhuni, where I have been for the last three weeks.

I try to travel all of the school holidays with the kids. I believe the kids learn more by experience. This usually means I get 12 weeks a year abroad, but it does mean I have to take a couple of hours out each day whilst away to catch-up on my SEO work and do some link building and talk to my clients and new prospective clients.

I guess some people would say if you are on holiday you should not work, but I have made a conscious decision to make my life consist of my kinds, my travels and my internet marketing business, so work is fun and life is a mixture of these three things.

I really do not know if anyone will ever read my blog or even if I will keep it up in the long-term, but I used to keep a diary and thought as I was in the internet business that I would go online so to speak.

Who knows one day I might sell my blog for £1m and retire, or maybe not?

So what will I be covering in my blog. I suspect it will mainly be work stuff about SEO and how to rank websites, but I will occasionally drop information about some of the fun places we get to, so if anyone is reading this I hope you enjoy, like us on Facebook share us on twitter and come back to see what I am rambling about on a regular basis.